I’m lazy, I don’t want to manually change the view names anymore, thanks Cloud Flows!

We will discuss on this blog the possibility of changing the view name using the Power Automate Cloud Flows. This idea comes from the fact that I am frequently asked to change the naming of the views. In fact, one of my clients tags all his views with division names. So, when changing the division name, I have to update the corresponding tag in each view.

For example, for the Account table, I have the following views:

  • (Old Division) Active Account
  • (Old Division) My Active Account
  • (Old Division) Accounts Being Followed
  • …..

The objective is to change the (Old Division) tag by (New Division) in all account entity’s views.

How does it work?

  • A System View corresponds to a row in the SavedQuery table.
  • SavedQuery’s row can be updated by CDS (Current Environement) Connector.
  • Custimization can be published by the OOB PublishXml action.

Cloud Flow steps in detail:

  • //Get All Account's System Views tagged by (Old Division)
    Filter Row:
     contains(name, '%Old Division%') and returnedtypecode eq 'account'
  • Name Expression: replace(items('Apply_to_each')?['name'],'Old Division','New Division')
  • ParameterXml: <importexportxml><entities><entity>account</entity></entities></importexportxml>

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