Bulk Business Process Flow switching using Power Automate (Cloud Flows)

Sometimes we create a new business process flow, which needs to be applied to existing records. Today I will present you a way to do it using the Cloud Flows in Power Automate. The approach presented is a proof of concept that can be significantly improved, you will get the general idea that you can adapt to your own needs.

For example, I will use the Standard Business Process Flow “Opportunity Sales Process” as the old Process, the goal is to apply a new Process named “MEA Opportunity BPF” for many opportunities in bulk. For this we will use the “When a record is selected” trigger.

As a quick note, the created business process flow on the CRM automatically provides a table with the same name as the process. This table records the BPF instances applied to a given entity. We will now manipulate the records that represent the BPF instances to implement our scenario. Below is a summary of the steps used in the Cloud Flow.

Cloud Flow Summary:

The steps in detail:

  • Image
  • Image
  • Image


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