[Model-driven apps – In-App notifications] Only System Administrators can view notifications, What about the other users ?

In-app notifications for model-driven apps is a feature that has historically been highly requested by the Dynamics 365 community for the past few years. To meet this long awaited need, Microsoft has introduced this feature for Dynamics 365 CE but not only, also for model driven applications, a Power Apps license is enough to take advantage of this feature.

According to this blog by Adrian Orth, Principal Program Manager. In-app notifications are now in GA. We will no longer need to send emails to notify users! But don’t go too fast, you need to modify users’ security roles so that they can enjoy this feature …

After activating in-app notifications for your model-driven app and as a Systems Administrator, the notifications will be available directly on your app. However, while testing with a basic role, I noticed that the notifications are not visible on the model-driven app.

The first thought is to check the user’s security role and see if he has the privilege to read the notification table rows. Upon checking, it turns out that the concerned security role does not have enough privileges to display the notifications.
To do so, open the concerned security role, go to the Custom Entities tab, look for the Notification table and give the read privilege:

Now, the notification center becomes visible but beware, when opening it, it remains stuck when loading, the progress bar does not stop spinning :

After some investigation, I understand that the missing piece of the puzzle is related to the Settings button that is located at the bottom of the notification center. Indeed, this button enables to define some personal parameters regarding notifications display:

It is necessary to add the read privilege to the “Model-driven app user settings” table for the relevant security role to display the notification center correctly. Similarly, this can be done on the Custom entities tab:

At the moment, the modifications made are not enough for users to change their personal settings. It is required to add the following privileges (Create, Write, Append) to the “model-driven app user setting” table:

Finally, you must also add the “Append to” privilege to the “Setting definition” table:

To summarize:

  • Displaying the notification center requires “read” privilege on the “notification” and “model-driven app user setting”.
  • Editing notification personal settings requires the (Create, Write, Append) privileges on the “model-driven app user setting” table and “append to” on the “Setting definition” table.

Hope it helps …


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