How do I know what permissions a user’s security role requires to perform an operation?

The problem:

A member of the community recently asked what privilege should be added to a security role in order to revise a quote. In effect, it explains that the role seems to have sufficient privileges to perform this action, but an error message shows up when the quote is revised.

Below is the security role configuration being used:

Below is the error message displayed when executing the Revise operation:

The generic error message displayed “You do not have enough privileges to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 object or perform the requested operation. For more information, contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator.“does not provide enough detail to analyze and conclude on the missing privileges to perform the Revise operation.


If you can’t get more details in the error message. Open the console of your browser by clicking on F12. Then, execute the operation that will generate the error which will be displayed as A red text on the console. Indeed, it gives all the details on the privileges that are missing to execute the operation.

In the end, the community member was able to solve the problem using this approach. It turned out that he needed permissions for the activity entity.


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